VASEO is an SEO consulting agency that offers a complete solution to GIVE YOUR WEBSITE a good ranking in search engines.

From A one-time intervention (SEO audit, technical optimization, site creation, etc.) to a long term monitoring of your website (position tracking, content creation, etc.), VASEO offers services tailored to your needs.


Asking a consultant to carry out the SEO of a website is to benefit from:

Expert experiences
Too expensive to be internalized.

Complex business tools
at lower cost.

Need-related modularity
and flexibility

Why hire a consultant for your SEO?

Lower-cost expertise

A organic SEO consultant has extensive experience in a wide range of industries. This allows his clients to benefit from an expertise that would be difficult to acquire within the company.

Your competitors are probably already doing it

Online competition is getting tougher. In all sectors, companies stand out from their competitors thanks to a good SEO. Not caring about it is a huge risk-taking.

Thinking SEO to think long term

A company that wants to be sustainable cannot ignore the opportunity offered by online searches. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization), unlike the SEA (Search Engine Advertisins) aims to attract clicks without paying them, resulting in a much higher return on investment (ROI) over time.

“VASEO has made it possible to optimize SEO traffic on our site in a very significant way, reduce the bounce rate and managed to multiply our conversions by 5.


On a human level, they were very attentive to our expectations, always taking care to explain their approach in a didactic way.”

Pierre L.

Sagit Solutions, ERP consulting.

VASEO accompanied us during the redesign of our site: from the construction of the most optimized architecture in relation to our objectives to the content strategy. Since the launch of the site, VASEO continues to follow the project closely.

The number (and quality) of the referenced keywords and the traffic are constantly increasing!
Always strong proposal and pedagogue! A real pleasure to work in these conditions. One word: THANK YOU!

Valerie B.

Cenareo, Digital Signage

Professional SEO tools

Complete high-end SEO tools such as MOZ, SEMrush or Majestic are both expensive (several thousand euros per year) and complex to master.

By using a consultant for your organic SEO, you benefit from advanced tools without having to bear the costs.

Moreover, if these tools are very powerful, it also means that they require a considerable amount of learning.

A consulting agency will offer its clients the opportunity to exploit the full potential of its advanced software at a lower cost.

Work that can be adjusted to the needs

The SEO consultant, as in other disciplines, presents companies with the advantage of hourly flexibility.

Not only the company will not have to carry additional expenses, but the company will also be able to adjust its provider’s schedules according to its current needs.

In the case of SEO, this may involve a gradual reduction in the number of hours required as auditing and technical optimization are more time-consuming but less durable than positioning analysis or content creation.

Why do SEO?
In numbers

There are many reasons to improve its organic SEO, whether it’s increase its revenue, grow its visibility or simply gaining advantages over its competitors.

Here are some uplifting data to convince the most skeptical:


of clicks are on the first page


of clicks Go to all 3 sites in first position


Clicks are organic rather than paid


Uses on the internet start with a search

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