Seo audit


The SEO audit might sometimes appears to be an excessive approach when one has decided to optimize its site for natural referencing.

However, auditing is an integral part of the optimization process and will save considerable time during implementation.

Find out in which case and why to conduct an SEO audit.

Why do a seo audit?

The SEO audit aims to highlight the problems and opportunities that a website already online can have in terms of organic SEO.

Once this is done, the audit will allow set priorities in order to obtain the best results as quickly as possible.

In short, the audit will allow to mark the SEO path.

This is crucial because, if the audit is carried out well, it will save a lot of time when implementing the recommendations.


A full audit report will be provided. This includes a list of problems and opportunities. This document will allow the client to implement the recommendations internally if they wish to.

A global approach

The SEO audit does not just look at the content of the website itself. It also analyzes all elements related to the site such as external links, the position of the website in the SERP and the competition.


The audit provides a list of recommendations classified in order of priority and difficulty to organize the implementation. This classification will save valuable time during set up of the website.

Semantic analysis

A full SEO audit also includes a complete analysis of the keywords to focus on. Each keyword has a search volume and a level of difficulty to be considered.

When to do a seo audit?

The SEO audit is usually the first step when it comes to implementing a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

It is often recommended to conduct the audit upstream as this allows to establish the extent of the work to be done.

In some cases, if the site is very simple, it may be more convenient and less expensive to make the changes directly on the site, therefore avoiding the SEO audit.

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